RESTORE / A correcting treatment serum


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RESTORE / A correcting treatment serum
RESTORE / A correcting treatment serum
Deep Lines & Sagging Contours | Devitalized | Sun Damaged | Discolored | Sluggish | Dehydrated 

  • Fortified with 10 synergistic time-reversal technologies for immediate and long-term results 
  • Maximizes complete restoration of devitalized and age-ravaged skin 
  • Helps rebuild skin’s architecture for visibly lifted, volumized, and redensified contours
  • Rapidly enhances smoothness, firmness, elasticity, deep hydration and luminosity
  • Helps prevent signs of glycation, restoring density and resiliency
  • Boosts skin’s natural reparative reserves to correct the signs of past damage and protect the skin from daily internal and external aggressors
  • Enhances the beneficial effects of resurfacing treatments, peels, microneedling, dermaplaning, injections and laser treatments

This silky, lightweight, ultra-luxurious serum absorbs rapidly into the skin leaving it instantly illuminated, soft, dewy and fortified. Multi-tiered and concentrated, it takes devitalized, age-ravaged skin and cleverly reverses it’s destiny. With 10 synergistic age-defying technologies, this serum targets the most intricate and devastating causes of premature aging to provide unprecedented age-corrective action.

PH 5.0


  • Red Algae | protects and restores elasticity and firmness; transforms stiff dull skin to resiliency and youthfulness 
  • Niacinamide | a multitasking form of vitamin B3 that orchestrates a multi-pronged reparative synthesis of skin rebuilding ceramides, filaggrin and many other proteins and lipids, for improved barrier and energized skin tone, as well as increased firmness and radiance 
  • Carob Seed Extract | phyto-repair molecules that accelerate the recovery capacity of damaged skin, rapidly reducing signs of redness, barrier and tissue damage 
  • Mung Bean Sprout Stem Cells | protects collagen and ECM (extracellular matrix) from harmful environmental conditions and photo-damage, reducing signs of sensitivity in addition to enhancing firmness and elasticity 
  • Phyto-melanin | helps shield the skin from exposure to the ‘aging’ light emitted by smartphones, tablets, computer screens and other sources of High Energy Visible Light (HEV) 
  • Aquaxyl | provides immediate and long-term cellular hydration for more youthful looking and acting skin 
  • Garden Sprout Extract | supports your skin’s natural detoxifying enzymes, while enhancing cellular resistance and promoting the elimination of environmental toxins
RESTORE / A correcting treatment serum
RESTORE / A correcting treatment serum