My desire to provide the best for our clients is what pushes me forward. Our mission today is to walk with our clients through their beauty and skin care journey. We are here to coach our guests and show them how to get the best results for their skin by combining the right services, products and lifestyle. We know that you will look and feel your best through the three keys to wellness. Proper rest, nourishing foods and movement.

Our story is one of rags to riches… not literal riches, but you understand. I was a girl with a dream but knew I couldn’t go anywhere without some sacrifice. I sold my car, got rid of my apartment and moved into the back room of my first CLIQUE studio. Thank God there was a shower and a hot plate!! At that time it didn’t seem like such a sacrifice because I was too young to know any different. Thinking back, the whole thing was really great! It felt good to risk something for the opportunity to have something better and it didn’t really feel like a sacrifice. It felt like I was in a movie and would come out on top in the end. I was fearless.

I had been an esthetician for a dermatologist and this was after I worked for a spa for many years. From a skincare perspective, I knew there had to be a middle ground. We sought out to produce a line that used highly concentrated ingredients making steady positive changes to the skin. It was also important to keep the integrity in the skin and nourish it along the way. I had cystic acne for the majority of my teens and twenties. I was plagued again with bad skin after I had my first child, Naomi. I ended up with hyperpigmentation/melasma and acne once again. This is was the catalyst in the search for CLIQUE skin care. Many of our clients were in the same place struggling to find the right skin care system that directly treated their concerns. I am a busy working woman - along with half of the country - and don’t have time for my skin to “heal” from aggressive products. I believe in using the right regimen every day for slow and steady results.

I knew our line had to be a combination of the wisdom of nature and the power of science.

What makes me passionate to continue to work everyday is that I love making women look and feel their best. It is truly the most beautiful way to celebrate my life. As a young person with self esteem issues I found that I gradually built myself up by building up others. You can see a transformation at times when clients come in weighed down by the world and leave a little lighter. I am their esthetician, accountability partner at times and their friend. I am able to share life’s greatest joys and sorrows with them.

Come visit us soon and allow us to be your partner in your quest for skin you absolutely love.

Clique Beauty Founder - Janna Flowers